Bringing Legacy into Facilities & Beyond

Part of the mission of The Legacy Recorder is inspiring a culture in care homes and senior centers, in places where people get together, share their stories, make new friends, and strengthen relationships. Providing an activity that crosses generational boundaries gives our elders the opportunity to connect with younger generations. With structured sessions, families are given a chance to reconnect with each other, to get to know their elders better, and to create lasting memories together. Legacy sessions are applicable anytime but especially when someone is in a long-term care situation or experiencing a terminal illness.


Legacy Group Sessions

Participants work together to tell their stories

Legacy group sessions are a great way to get your residents active and engaged with each other. They will find common ground beyond their age & ailments. We encourage family members to participate in the sessions with their elders.

These stand alone sessions are for residents who are looking for a deeper connection with their neighbors and family. Sessions can be used a la carte. Residents do not need to attend every session to benefit.


Legacy Series

Beginning a Lifestory Book

The Legacy Series is a structured and organized collection of sessions. During the series, participants will begin to write their life book. The series can be comprised of 6-12 sessions spread out over weeks or months. The program is tailored to the needs of your residents.


Volunteer Support

Supporting volunteers in their legacy efforts

Across the country, there are volunteers working with our elders to help ensure their quality of life. We are committed to providing these volunteers with the tools and training they need to help others record their legacies. If you know a volunteer in your area who could use some support in their legacy work, please let us know.

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