Available Workbooks/Journals

Memory Care Storytelling Activity

This activity kit will help you bring storytelling into your life and work so that you can create storytelling moments with the people you love and care for.

Tell Your Own Story: A Journal to Capture Your Legacy

This journal was designed for storytellers in their sunset years who you want to get to know better and hear about their memories. This can be completed individually, but the best experience comes from the conversations people can have together.

Tell Your Own Story: A Recipe Memory Journal

This journal was designed for people who want to record the memories of the recipes they love and want to save. This can be completed individually, but the best experience comes from the conversations people can have together.

Tell Your Own Story: A storytelling journal for kids

Tell Your Own Story and use your imagination ~ Ever wanted to write your own story? This blank storybook offers the chance to build your own world, create your characters, and let your imagination run wild. You have everything you need to create a fanciful, factual, or somewhere in between kind of story. Your only limit is how big you can dream.

52 Ways to Write Your Story in a Year

This is a companion book to The Legacy Recorder Community Guide. It can be used with it or on it's own. Inside you will find prompts to get you started on telling your tall tales or helping someone else tell theirs.

Available Books


The Legacy Recorder Community Guide

What you will find in this book is an easy to use writing method that you can implement in groups or individually with the people you love and care for to help them tell their life stories. You already have everything you need to help someone else rediscover their human dignity, this book makes it a little easier.

You can buy the physical book for $15.00 with free shipping (within the US) by clicking the button below. It is also available as an ebook on Amazon.

A Note from the Author

After ghostwriting for over 10 years, it still feels unreal that I have a published book with my own name on it, as the author. I get a little misty eyed every time I see it or someone asks me about my book.

Often I have to stop myself before asking which one because they are all “my” books even if I can’t claim them in the real world. I pour my heart into each one, all the while, channeling the author’s voice and soul.

That’s what we do as writers. We give a piece of ourselves to each article, book, and tweet in the hopes of making a lasting impression on the reader.

My hope is that this particular book helps you find a piece of yourself to share with your loved ones that will last a lifetime and beyond.

About the Author

Gael Gilliland is the founder of The Legacy Recorder which helps every person tell their life story in a simple, intentional way for future generations to cherish. She is actively working with corporations, non-profits, and senior care facilities to help as many people as she can in recording their legacy. She also published The Legacy Recorder Community Guide so that individuals and families can get started on their legacy today.

In addition to The Legacy Recorder, Gael has been a freelance writer for over ten years. She’s worked with businesses and individuals to help them create clear and effective writing. Her projects include several full length books, articles, and social media content for full calendar years.

Gael is fortunate to work with her lifelong passion. From a young age, Gael had the desire to master the written word and help people tell their stories. Her own life experiences in college, motherhood, marriage, and loss have fueled her own story and given it a colorful arc of ups and downs, of losing and finding herself, and of discovering the beauty in every person’s story.  This is why she has made it her mission to get those stories down on paper, before those stories fade.


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