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Bringing Legacy into Facilities & Beyond

Part of the mission of The Legacy Recorder is to inspire a culture of dignity and compassion in senior care homes. We show people respect by listening to them, valuing their individuality, and championing their experiences.
At the Legacy Recorder, we dream of senior care facilities where people

get together,
share their stories,
make new friends, and
strengthen relationships.

We offer a few ways to engage with residents while focusing on their life stories. These activities work best when combined with multi-generational participation. With structured sessions, families are given a chance to reconnect with each other, to get to know their elders better, and to create lasting memories together. Even those residents who are at a longer distance from their families can participate and benefit fully.

7 Days of Storytelling Activities

This mini activity plan is organized with the idea that you will print it and run with it to fill in gaps in your activity plans. It takes the core idea of Legacy and brings the 5-minute storytelling into a longer format. 

I'm ready to run with it!

Activity Packages

How do you execute an engaging storytelling activity each week for a year?
This engaging storytelling activity package is perfect for activity staff, volunteer groups, and caregivers who are looking to create a memorable experience.

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