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Start storytelling conversations using simple, caring methods to restore human dignity in the people we care for and love

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Why is it important to help people tell their stories?

We show we care by listening to what others have to say. By recording a person's story, we immortalize forever how special they are to us and give them control over their own legacy.

A Grief story

Legacy has been part of my story since 2015 when I figured out I needed to work through my grief and find a way to share my story in a constructive and simple way. Before that, I reveled in the opportunity to engage people in conversation and help them tell their stories since childhood. 

Today you can find Legacy and the storytelling methods I teach being used around the globe to help the people we care for tell their stories.

Show me how to get started

gael gilliland holding her book The Legacy Recorder Community Guide

what people are saying…

Our team of Deacons visit the senior members of our church in their homes or care facilities. Your guiding questions and topics are beneficial in our visit conversations. They help us have conversations that go beyond the weather or their aches & pains.
Gael is known as the Legacy Recorder and for good reason – she helps us pull stories out of family members so their legacies can live on! Whether you have an older parent and want to cherish their stories or just want to have better conversations with family members, you need this in your life! She even has activities for kiddos! I so so wish I knew Gael when my Oma was still with us, I’ve learned so much from Gael about recording legacies. Check her out!
Monica W.
Recently my family interviewed my grandma on her 86th birthday. We realized how little we knew about her life and wanted to learn more about her. We used some of the questions and the format from Legacy Recorder.
It was an amazing experience. It was helpful to have a format to follow and so fun to learn about her childhood and marriage to my grandpa. I highly recommend Gael and the Legacy Recorder!
Kristy H.
When I heard about Gael's Legacy project and her approach to easily writing the story of your life, I IMMEDIATELY bought multiple copies. I have gotten profuse thanks from family members who are now deep into capturing those important memories and meanings from their lives!
Wendy W.

legacy Core Values


Listen first

Listen first with intention and connect with genuine curiousity


encourage & support

Encourage and support with generosity and care

Keep it simple

Keep it simple by staying in the moment and focusing on the present



Share the stories you hear and share your own story to build relationships

CHOOSE How to get started


Start with 5 Minute Storytelling Scripts, a compassionate memory care activity to get storytellers engaged in the few minutes you have with them


Join the Legacy Hive, a community of storytellers who are working together to create a stronger foundation and build relationships using storytelling and practice


Browse the available workbooks and journals, choose which ones best fit your needs. You will find one for cooking memories, life stories, and more…

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