Storytelling Solutions for Activities Staff, Care Plans, & Hospice

Reconnecting patients, family, & staff through storytelling activities and exercises


Why is it important to help people tell their stories?

We show we care by listening to what others have to say. By recording a person’s story, we immortalize forever how special they are to us and give them control over their own legacy.

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Activities for Senior Care Facilities, Hospice, Volunteer Groups

Thank you for your commitment to care!

We are committed to supporting  you in your patient centered care objectives & activities. Our solutions all revolve around storytelling and getting your patients/residents engaged in the community they live in.

This isn't a big corporation or a non-profit. The Legacy Recorder is a small business on a mission to provide resources for staff, caregivers, and volunteers who want to enrich the lives of the people around them.

Thank you for doing the incredible work of caring for others!


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How can The Legacy Recorder help?

We offer well thought out, intentional, easy to implement programs & curriculums.

"Our team of Deacons visit the senior members of our church in their homes or care facilities. Your guiding questions and topics are beneficial in our visit conversations. They help us have conversations that go beyond the weather or their aches & pains."


5 Minute Storytelling

When a loved one goes into a senior care facility, the number of people who support them, grows. In addition to their family members, they now have the center staff and residents in their circle. It’s important to realize that each of these individuals has something to contribute.

Five-minute storytelling is a way to kick start conversations, restart stale relationships, and engage everyone toward a common goal.

It sparks ideas and enables caregivers to share their insights.

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Who am I?

I'm Gael and I'm affectionately known as "The Legacy Lady".

I've been helping people tell their stories for over 10 years. I look forward to helping your community preserve its legacy, one story at a time.

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