Women You Should Know

Women you should know

I’m not going to give you a lecture on how women have been absent in the history books and how under-represented we are when it comes to being recognized for our achievements. But I do want to take the space on this page to highlight a few women I think you should know. I’ve taken…

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Using the Legacy Recorder as a Volunteer

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Volunteer Mindset For starters, let’s get into the mindset of a volunteer who is looking to help someone tell their life story or has been trying to work with people tell their life stories. They’ve been doing a little bit here or there, but they don’t really feel like they’ve done the best job that…

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Why I’m dedicating myself to telling other people’s stories

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Episode 6: Why I’m dedicating myself to this idea of telling other people’s stories Originally a Facebook Live   Watch on YouTube Listen on Anchor Show Notes • Why am I doing this? • My Personal Grief Story • Change Your Life & the Lives of the People You Help • Human Dignity • Using…

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