goodgrief app – a resource for loss and grief

goodgrief app screenshots

Sometime in 2017, I happened across a little startup called the goodgrief app. It came across my twitter feed and I immediately clicked through to see who else was talking about grief out in the open and in the light. After combing through their social media accounts and reviewing the website, I took the plunge…

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Using the Legacy Recorder as a Volunteer

woman in a window

Volunteer Mindset For starters, let’s get into the mindset of a volunteer who is looking to help someone tell their life story or has been trying to work with people tell their life stories. They’ve been doing a little bit here or there, but they don’t really feel like they’ve done the best job that…

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How to start conversations at family dinners

family dinner with text

You know those family/friend/business dinners you’ve been attending or will attend? Yeah, those ones. You might have been nervous/excited/downright ecstatic to go, but found yourself trying to find something to talk about. I’ve got you covered… I proudly present… Fun convo starters that no one expects What’s your favorite joke? Why? Who told it to…

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Tips for Storytelling: How to Get Grandma to Talk

What do you do when Grandma doesn’t want to talk? She’s not interested and doesn’t think her story is important. After all, who’ll want to hear it, she asks. She’s dragging her feet and doesn’t think anyone will get anything out of her story. And it doesn’t have to be just Grandma. It could be…

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What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone

Do you want to be there for a loved one, but don’t know how? Here are some techniques to help you ‘hold space’ for people in need. Source: What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone The article linked above is a wonderful explanation of how the author came to her conclusions about grief,…

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