What Are the Stories Our Photos Tell Us?

When you go through other people’s photos, you’re probably going to be able to pick out themes. You might see that they take pictures of the same things no matter where they are. Or they may take pictures at certain angles. Maybe they really like architecture, or a specific animal, or flowers. What are the…

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How to document your life with photos – with special guest Trista Pappas

A special edition of #LegacyAfterDark with Trista Pappas of Trista Renee Photography. Summary of what we chatted about… We chatted about photography and documenting everyday moments. Specifically, remembering to make those things more permanent in our lives beyond sharing them on Facebook, posting them to Instagram and creating things, like legacies, that will endure for…

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Makers and Telling Stories Behind What We Make

Telling Stories Behind What We Make

Have you heard the term makers? Basically, a maker is anyone who is making things. If your grandmother enjoying quilting or crocheting, or if your dad does woodwork, they are makers. For our purposes in this discussion, makers are people who make things for people they love. Let’s jump into telling stories behind what we…

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