Celebrating My Leap Year Birthday

Gael's Leap Year Birthday

This article will be a slight departure from what you normally see here at the Legacy Recorder. I recently asked a dear friend to help me keep things going on the writing side of things. When we were talking about what’s happening for the month, my leap year birthday inevitably came up. Her suggestion was…

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What is Leap Year Anyway and Why We Care

Tree frog on a leaf for Leap Day

This article won’t explain every nuance and historical fact of Leap Year. The reason you are reading this article at all is that Leap Day happens to be my birthday. I get asked, a lot, “What is Leap Year anyway?” Usually right after I have answered the “When is your birthday” question. What is Leap…

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Favorite Mardi Gras Moment

mardi gras mask

What is your favorite Mardi Gras moment? These prompts are centered around a specific topic. They follow the Legacy storytelling methodology. This series of questions allows a storyteller to answer simple questions first and then dig deeper into more complex questions and thought processes. These questions will not be suitable for all situations. When deciding…

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5 minute storytelling & memory loss

Female nurse and elderly female patient

Recently I had the chance to visit my grandfather in his memory care home. It had been a number of years since I had seen him, so the changes in him were overwhelming evident. I knew going in that he would not be the person I remembered as a young woman. I also knew that…

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Women You Should Know

Women you should know

I’m not going to give you a lecture on how women have been absent in the history books and how under-represented we are when it comes to being recognized for our achievements. But I do want to take the space on this page to highlight a few women I think you should know. I’ve taken…

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