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What is Leap Year anyway?

This article won’t explain every nuance and historical fact of Leap Year. The reason you are reading this article at all is that Leap Day happens to be my birthday. If we haven’t met before, “Hi my name is Gael and I’m a leap year baby.” The next time you see me feel free to shake my hand and tell me who else you know who is a Leap Year baby.  I love hearing stories of others who share this day with me. I’ve only ever met a handful myself in my lifetime. And by “handful”, I mean like three, maybe.

When I was in school, every time I had a birthday I would be asked to give a presentation to my class, and as I got older a few other classes, explaining what leap day is. As a result, I have spent many hours researching, learning, and falling in love with the history of Leap Day. It doesn’t help that I am a huge history nerd. This part of my personality fueled much of what you see in the Legacy Recorder today.

What is Leap Year?

Short version – it’s how we account for the quarter of a day every 365 days it takes to go around the Sun. Every four years we add a day to the calendar to keep everything copacetic.

The Longer version – there are actually some complicated math rules because it isn’t exactly 6 hours a year, and if we had a leap year every 4 years we would eventually be in the future. You can see a simple explanation here.

What does this mean for you? 

Every 4 years or so, you’ll get some information about leap year and a chance to get to know me better. Look out for a Q and A blog coming soon! Why is this important? Because we are all beautiful individuals doing our best to make our way peacefully through the day and connections to each other drive our respect for one another. It is that deep respect that allows us to treat all ages of life with care as we seek community. 

As a birthday present to me, please ask an elder in your life about their favorite birthday memory. Need some prompts? Check this out for some simple ideas.

More about Leap Year

Here are some other articles that cover Leap Day historically and around the world

What now?

If you want to take a deeper dive into helping someone you love tell their story, then the Legacy Recorder Community Guide is the way to go. You can pick it up for $15. You can get your hands on that here. If you already have a copy, thank you!

The 5 Minute Storytelling Scripts mentioned in the podcast episodes can be found here.

There is a brand new book (journal!) that can be purchased through Amazon. It is a companion to the book linked above.

52 Ways to Write Your Story in a Year

For Activities Staff and Directors

The Legacy Program & Activities Package is live. The package includes worksheets, specific instructions for sessions (agendas!), activity suggestions, and how to execute an engaging storytelling experience.

If you have questions about what’s included or want to ask about something else for your program, please use the messenger chat bubble to get in touch.

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