Resources, Restoring Human Dignity, & Lawnmowers

lawnmower and grass

This week’s blog has been really hard to write. I’m just going to start there. I’ve started writing it at least 8 times and then furiously smashed the delete button back to a blank page. What I want to do this week is to share my network that I’ve curated and documented over the last…

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Local Author Earns Finalist in Popular Pittsburgh Book Awards

gael gilliland holding her book The Legacy Recorder Community Guide

BUTLER, Pa. – Local author, Gael Gilliland receives desirable nomination as a finalist in Pittsburgh’s The Author Zone (TAZ) 2020 Book Awards. Gilliland received the distinction of Finalist in the How to Books category for her work titled The Legacy Recorder Community Guide during the TAZ Book awards on April 23, 2020. The Legacy Recorder…

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Baking Memories with Five Minute Storytelling

baking ingredients

Cooking, in most families, is when the magic happens. People gather in kitchens no matter how pretty or inviting the rest of the house is. Asking someone about their favorite baking memory or cookie recipe will usually make them light up and smile like you wouldn’t believe. Be prepared for the sadness that may come…

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How to keep it simple

keep it simple with rock cairn and sand

In today’s post I want to encourage you to keep it simple. This post will highlight the reasons why I believe keeping things simple is the easiest way to reach success. When you go on The Legacy Recorder website, or you’re in the members area, or wherever you are in the Legacy World, simplicity is…

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