Start the Good Conversation: Share Your Second Chance Memory

Second chance memory

Most people have had second chances in their lifetime. They are the stories we tell ourselves and others about how one event changed our lives forever. In this blog post, I am going to show you how you can share your second chance memory and help other people start their second chance stories. The Weekly…

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Favorite Mardi Gras Moment

mardi gras mask

What is your favorite Mardi Gras moment? These prompts are centered around a specific topic. They follow the Legacy storytelling methodology. This series of questions allows a storyteller to answer simple questions first and then dig deeper into more complex questions and thought processes. These questions will not be suitable for all situations. When deciding…

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Songs we love – All about music

favorite songs

There is so much music that fills our lives. Songs are intertwined throughout our journeys and can be a great place to start a conversation.  Music stays with us, and when we are looking to make meaningful connections, it can be the perfect place to start. Today, we are going to be talking about songs we love.…

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5 Minute Storytelling – A Day Off

5 Minute Storytelling - Favorite Day Off

Do you have a favorite memory from a day off you had? The audio below runs through how to have this conversation with a storytelling. Use the prompts below as a guide to keep the conversation going. Q1. Do you have a favorite day off memory? Q2. Who was with you? Q3. What happened? Q4.…

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Documenting Your Grief Awareness Story

It was recently National Grief Awareness Day, and that got me thinking. Being more aware of my grief and working with it instead of ignoring it has changed my life. By creating the Legacy Recorder, I have been able to process my grief, work with, and find ways to acknowledge it by viewing my world…

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