Why Use Storytelling as a Volunteer to Build Rapport

Use Storytelling as a Volunteer to Build Rapport

Tired of the same old volunteer activities? Looking for a way to connect with those you serve in a meaningful and impactful way? Look no further! Storytelling is an incredible tool that can be used by caregivers, volunteers, and families alike to bond, build relationships, create a shared understanding and ultimately make lasting connections through…

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Home and Hospice Care: Why Connection and Storytelling Matter

Home Care and Hospice Care Month - Why Connection and Storytelling Matter

November is National Home Care and Hospice Month – a time to recognize the nurses, aides, therapists, and social workers who make a difference in the lives of those they serve. This work can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s also important to take time for yourself to recharge. In this article, we share resources to…

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How to Create a Recipe for Success: Favorite Baking Memory

Favorite Baking Memory: A Recipe for Success

What is your favorite baking memory? When you think about it, there are so many memories that may come to mind. Maybe it was the time you made cookies with your grandpa when he came over for a visit. Or maybe it was when your mom and dad baked pies together on the holidays. These…

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1 Way to Restore Human Dignity with Engaged Conversations

Restoring human dignity is one of those things that can feel really heavy, as do many of the things I talk about. But in this particular instance, I’m going to frame it in a way that is quite uplifting and wonderful. We can restore human dignity through engaged conversations, otherwise known as storytelling. Storytelling is…

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Using the Legacy Recorder as a Volunteer

woman in a window

Volunteer Mindset For starters, let’s get into the mindset of a volunteer who is looking to help someone tell their life story or has been trying to work with people tell their life stories. They’ve been doing a little bit here or there, but they don’t really feel like they’ve done the best job that…

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