How to Get Started

Integrating storytelling into care plans & daily activities

Step 1: 5 Minute Storytelling

Five-minute storytelling is a way to kick start those conversations, restart stale relationships, and engage everyone toward a common goal.

It sparks ideas and enables caregivers to share their insights.

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Step 2: Plans, Books & Journals

Legacy Plans, Books, Journals, & Workbooks are designed to support you in your storytelling efforts. Everything can be used as standalone resources or as supplemental/interactive material. When there is a specific tie-in, I will let you know!

Show me the Books!

Last but not least...

Step 3: Activity Packages

How do you execute an engaging storytelling activity each week?

This engaging storytelling activity package is perfect for activity staff, volunteer groups, and caregivers who are looking to create a memorable experience.

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The button below will take you to a page designed as a guide to exploring the Legacy Recorder World. I have created an abundance of resources I am hoping you will take full advantage of. To better help you navigate all the things, I thought it would be helpful to give you a few of the highlights. You'll find things like podcasts, books, youtube videos, workbooks, and more to binge watch, read, and listen to.

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