Choose Your Own Adventure

How to get started and integrate storytelling into your care plans, daily activities, & family life


5 Minute Storytelling

Five-minute storytelling is a way to kick start conversations, restart stale relationships, and engage everyone toward a common goal, quality of life and restoring human dignity. (Yes, a 5 minute storytelling moment can do all of that...)


Memory Care Storytelling Activity

This activity kit will help you bring storytelling into your life and work so that you can create storytelling moments with the people you love and care for.

52 Weeks of Storytelling

What would it mean to have 52 stories written down about your life or help someone else write down 52 stories about their life?

This video series can help you do just that! Everything is accessible for free on YouTube. The journal is optional and not necessary to utilize the videos.

Workbooks, Books & Journals

Legacy Workbooks, Books, & Journals are designed to support you in your storytelling efforts. Everything can be used as standalone resources or as supplemental/interactive material.