How to Celebrate Your Heritage with Storytelling

how to celebrate your heritage

Family history and family heritage are a great place to start when you are first right in your own story or working with someone else.  Knowing how to start can be the tricky part. In this blog post, we’ll explore storytelling moments and how to celebrate your heritage with storytelling, so you can help people…

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How to Share a Childhood Memory You Love or Love to Hate

candy machines - childhood memory

Have you ever thought about how you would tell your family’s story or childhood memory? What if we are the last generation to remember it? We want our children and grandchildren to know what it was like when they were born, what it was like for us as kids. 52 weeks of storytelling is a…

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How to Tell Your Best Spring Story: Legacy Storytelling Method

We want to encourage you to tell your best Spring story! Whether it’s a memory from your childhood or a Spring memory that happened this year, you can share it with us using the Legacy Storytelling method. The Legacy Storytelling Method is a 52-week storytelling project in which participants are asked to write one story…

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How to Share an Epic Fireworks Memory

Do you have a Fireworks Memory? When did you last think about it or share the story? Fireworks are so much more than just a yearly tradition. They’re an opportunity for us to reflect on what we love about life and create memories that will last through the generations. This blog post is going to…

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