Christmas Prompts

Christmas Moments with ribbon lights and beads

With the music in the stores switching over and the realization that the Yule Time is rapidly approaching, I present the first of a few holiday-specific prompt sets for those of you who are looking to strike up conversations related to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice, and more. I hope you have an opportunity…

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How to Write about Family Traditions

legacy live twitter

Episode 8: Celebrating Family Traditions   Watch on YouTube   Listen on Anchor Show Notes What are traditions? What are a few of your traditions? Why are traditions important to families & people in general? Link to the FREE Mini-Course on Working with Someone You Love to help them tell their story Happy Writing,…

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How to Write About Your Favorite Holiday Memory

holiday lights

Talking about your favorite holiday memory with your family is incredibly important. Doing so can help keep the spirit of the holidays alive for generations to come. When children hear their parents and grandparents share stories of past celebrations, it creates a connection to the past that will stay with them forever. Not only that,…

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