How to Celebrate Your Heritage with Storytelling

how to celebrate your heritage

Family history and family heritage are a great place to start when you are first right in your own story or working with someone else.  Knowing how to start can be the tricky part. In this blog post, we’ll explore storytelling moments and how to celebrate your heritage with storytelling, so you can help people…

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Preserving Family Stories and Why it Matters

Preserving Family Stories with Debra Weller Storyteller on Legacy After Dark

Do you know that you can bring storytelling into every aspect of your life? Debra Weller Storyteller has been working with people for decades to do just that. I had the opportunity to interview her recently on Legacy After Dark! We had an epic conversation about preserving family stories and why it’s so important to…

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4 Resources for When Death Happens

when death happens [image: funeral flowers on coffin with candles in the background]

Last month was one of those emotional roller coasters that included the death of a loved one and all of the things that come with that. No one could have predicted the circumstances we are in this year. One thing remains the same, when death happens, families come together, one way or another. If you…

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3 Family Traditions and How to Write About Them

Gael Gilliland and her dad singing

Ah, family traditions. Those activities we do with the people we love, over and over again. Even when we tire of the activity and desperately want to do something else. This post isn’t about one of those kinds of traditions. For the next few moments, I’m going to regale you with one of my favorite…

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Baking Memories with Five Minute Storytelling

baking ingredients

Cooking, in most families, is when the magic happens. People gather in kitchens no matter how pretty or inviting the rest of the house is. Asking someone about their favorite baking memory or cookie recipe will usually make them light up and smile like you wouldn’t believe. Be prepared for the sadness that may come…

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