Swedish Death Cleaning: Embracing Life by Preparing for the End

picture of flowers representing the concept of swedish death cleaning

In our journey through life, we accumulate not just experiences and memories, but also a multitude of physical items. Swedish Death Cleaning, a concept that has gained international attention, offers a unique approach to decluttering that goes beyond the material. This article explores the essence of Swedish Death Cleaning, its numerous benefits, practical steps to…

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How to Celebrate Spooky Season Using Storytelling

Spook Season image with jack o lanterns Halloween themed

As the leaves turn shades of fiery orange and the cool breeze carries a gentle chill, the enchantment of Halloween and spooky season begins to stir in the air. The anticipation grows, fueled by the contagious excitement of donning imaginative costumes and the exhilaration of venturing into eerie haunted houses. This bewitching season, with its…

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Death Deck Video Series: An Invitation to Talk About End-of-Life

The Death Deck Video Series: An Invitation to Talk About End-of-Life

It’s a hard fact to face, but every one of us is going to die. Yet, despite the inevitability of death, we often avoid talking openly and honestly about end-of-life issues. That’s where the Death Deck can help. This video series utilizes the Death Deck to spark conversations online and hopefully inspire viewers to grab…

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Celebrating the First Day of School

back to school and first day of school

The day of school is such a special day for students and their families. It’s a time to celebrate new beginnings and all the amazing possibilities that lie ahead. And for seniors embarking on a new chapter in life, it’s a perfect moment to reflect on everything they’ve accomplished. So whether you’re a student or…

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How to Create Meaningful Memorial Videos and Funeral Slideshows

Memorial Videos

When we experience the loss of someone dear to us, finding ways to cope and honor their memory can be challenging. Funeral slideshows and memorial videos have emerged as heartfelt tributes that allow us to celebrate the life of our loved ones while providing solace during the grieving process. Inspired by the powerful impact of…

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