How to DIY a unique gift for less than the cost of flowers

get her story image

I hope this year has been full of wonderful memories and the beginnings of new stories. If you are reading this, I need you to know that this is your invitation to start a conversation with a woman in your life. If it doesn’t work for you right now, this will be available all year…

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How to start conversations at family dinners

family dinner with text

You know those family/friend/business dinners you’ve been attending or will attend? Yeah, those ones. You might have been nervous/excited/downright ecstatic to go, but found yourself trying to find something to talk about. I’ve got you covered… I proudly present… Fun convo starters that no one expects What’s your favorite joke? Why? Who told it to…

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Tips for Storytelling: How to Get Grandma to Talk

What do you do when Grandma doesn’t want to talk? She’s not interested and doesn’t think her story is important. After all, who’ll want to hear it, she asks. She’s dragging her feet and doesn’t think anyone will get anything out of her story. And it doesn’t have to be just Grandma. It could be…

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52 Weeks of Better Storytelling

52 weeks of storytelling

How to make the most of the next 52 weeks The start of a new year brings the opportunity to do all sorts of things you didn’t get around to last year. One of my favorite things to focus on? Who didn’t I get the chance to chat with last year? What conversations do I…

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