52 Weeks Of Storytelling And The First 4 Prompts

52 Weeks of Storytelling and the first 4 prompts

Somehow it’s already been a month! The last 4 weeks have flown right on by with a video dropping every week and getting the word out about the 52 Weeks of Storytelling Video Series. This article recaps the last 4 prompts with the videos embedded right here and a quick overview of each one. You…

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5 Ways to Use Photos to Remember Someone Who Died

use photos to remember someone who died

Our need to document our human experience goes back to the beginning of time. We’ve been creating pictures to share our stories far longer than we have been sharing our stories with words. This drive to document and leave a legacy means that we have centuries of history to discover and explore. We no longer…

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Who’s in the room, Listening, and Telling stories

quill pen writing on paper - listening and telling stories

Telling stories and listening. When you take away everything else, that is what we are doing in our lives. Our moments are made up of telling our stories and listening to the stories of the people around us. The listening component isn’t always equal with the telling of our own stories. We don’t have to…

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Baking Memories with Five Minute Storytelling

baking ingredients

Cooking, in most families, is when the magic happens. People gather in kitchens no matter how pretty or inviting the rest of the house is. Asking someone about their favorite baking memory or cookie recipe will usually make them light up and smile like you wouldn’t believe. Be prepared for the sadness that may come…

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Songs we love – All about music

favorite songs

There is so much music that fills our lives. Songs are intertwined throughout our journeys and can be a great place to start a conversation.  Music stays with us, and when we are looking to make meaningful connections, it can be the perfect place to start. Today, we are going to be talking about songs we love.…

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