How to Quickly Build Connection and Community Using Storytelling

connection and community

This week is Valentine’s Day, and while it’s a day to celebrate romantic love, it can also be an opportunity to reflect on the various types of connections that enrich our lives. Whether we are connecting with family members, close friends, co-workers or those we serve, connection and community are some of the most important…

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Epic Storytelling Interviews: The Art of Getting the Conversation Started

Storytelling Interview The Art of Getting the Conversation Started

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance that someone close to you — may be your parents or grandparents — wants to share their story with the world. You may be hesitant about interviewing them because it might seem like an intimidating process. But, recording these memories and conducting the interview can be…

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52 Weeks of Storytelling with Someone You Love

52 weeks of storytelling

Writing your story doesn’t have to be hard especially if you jump into 52 Weeks of Storytelling. You might be thinking “ well that’s easy for you to say, you’ve already done it”, but I’m here to tell you that I’m still writing my story every day. The thing that has made it possible is…

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Who’s in the room, Listening, and Telling stories

quill pen writing on paper - listening and telling stories

Telling stories and listening. When you take away everything else, that is what we are doing in our lives. Our moments are made up of telling our stories and listening to the stories of the people around us. The listening component isn’t always equal with the telling of our own stories. We don’t have to…

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