Remembering someone who died: Creating a Memorial with Photos

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be difficult. One way to remember them is to create something that can remind you of their life and personality, such as a slideshow or video. This can help you cope with your loss, and it can also provide comfort for others who might not know how to deal with the situation. Remembering someone who died with a slideshow is a great way to create a lasting legacy and celebration of their life.

Remembering someone who died

In this article, we will show you how to use Canva (a free design website) to create an original memorial slideshow that can be sent out on social media or via email, so people can remember your loved one too!

This can be a tough time, and it can seem difficult to find the best way of coping with your loss. But you can use something that reminds you of their life, such as pictures or videos, to help remember them by creating an original slideshow or video that can provide comfort for others who are grieving too.

Creating a Memorial with Photos

Ah, the memories! Before iPhones and iPads were invented (or even if they existed), it used to be a lot of work just trying to create slideshows. There was all this tedious organization involved that don't go anywhere near as far as our modern-day presentation tools do. If you are dreading putting together a slideshow for your parent or grandparent, I get it. But I have good news for you! It’s not that hard anymore, not by a long shot. Before you jump into creating your slideshow, here are a few things to do…

1. Decide on the photos you want to include

2. Check with family if there are any you missed

3. Choose your order

4. Putting your photos in order

5. Determine how you will display it (tv screen, computer monitor, Zoom screen share)

Creating memorials can be therapeutic and it can also provide comfort for others. Without photos, it's difficult to remember the people who died. In my experience, I know that choosing which pictures will be most meaningful is usually one of the toughest parts of creating a slideshow for someone you love. It can be tough feeling like we're being too emotional in our choices, especially when all the feelings bubble up to the surface again. Don't worry about holding back tears because they are what tell us how much this person meant to us!

Recommended Tool: Canva

For this task, Canva is turning out to be the best way for people who don’t design their slideshows well. It has intuitive and user-friendly features that will help you create your slideshow in no time!  Here is a crash course on how to use it 

To start, I recommend using a preset size from YouTube or PowerPoint, as it's easiest if you're just starting off on Canvas. There are tons of templates available, so there should always be something perfect for what type of slide show you want to make (YouTube video, PowerPoint presentation). You can upload photos one by one, then enter text into each photo until all information fits nicely onto every page with room left over at the end.

Here is a full walkthrough of how to create your own memorial slideshow using Canva

What now? 

Help your loved ones to share their story. Remembering someone who died is a difficult process, but it can be made easier with the right tools and resources at hand. We’ve shared some of our favorite methods for remembering those that have left us behind in this blog post tutorial, so please take a look if you are looking for more information on how to create a memorial with photos or just want tips on photo placement!