Remembering someone who died: Creating a Memorial with Photos

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be difficult. One way to remember them is to create something that can remind you of their life and personality, such as a slideshow or video. This can help you cope with your loss, and it can also provide comfort for others who might not know…

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Why Hospice Care Matters Now More Than Ever

hospice care

Hospice and hospice care are almost never on the top of anyone’s mind. By the time you need to think about it, life is already falling apart and things are emotional. Hospice care doesn’t mean someone is definitely going to die. But it usually means things are a little crazy in that person’s life and…

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5 Ways to Use Photos to Remember Someone Who Died

use photos to remember someone who died

Our need to document our human experience goes back to the beginning of time. We’ve been creating pictures to share our stories far longer than we have been sharing our stories with words. This drive to document and leave a legacy means that we have centuries of history to discover and explore. We no longer…

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Best Way to Get National Grief Awareness Day on the Map

National Grief Awareness Day

Check out the video below to get started. It covers the background of National Grief Awareness Day and how you can help make it official. Below the video you will find a frank discussion of death, grief, and dying. This is your trigger warning. If you aren’t ready to dig into this topic (I totally…

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