Become a Certified Legacy Recorder

Facilitator, Guide, Friend, Mentor, Coach, Cheerleader, take your pick. You are the gateway, the conduit, the helper.
You are the story-writing facilitator.Gael Gilliland, The Legacy Recorder Community Guide

A certified Legacy Recorder is an individual who has made the commitment to helping other’s tell their stories.


  • have undergone training
  • have the full support of The Legacy Recorder team
  • have the tools they need to help others tell their stories
  • have the experience, knowledge, and know how to run a Legacy Series
You don’t need to be certified to help someone tell their story. When you become a certified Legacy Recorder you receive the complete Facilitator’s Manual and all of the support you need to help others tell their stories. You have 24/7 email access and a private forum to support you in your efforts.
Anyone can be certified.
You start by scheduling a meeting on the calendar below.
Yes, there is a nominal fee to receive the certification.
  • dignity
  • As a Legacy Project Facilitator, you are providing an invaluable service.

    You give participants a chance to create a meaningful project and work long term either in a group or on their own.

    The impact you will have… will last a lifetime.