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When your birthday is on Leap Year…

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have your birthday on Leap Year? It has good and bad things that come along with it. For me, I don't have an attachment to dates for birthdays and special holidays. I celebrate when I can and I like to think that I celebrate every day. I generally have more attachment to death dates and anniversaries of things that affected me emotionally. Below you'll find a few stories and answers to questions I get about being a Leap Year Baby.

If you have never met someone with a Leap Year birthday, hi! It's nice to meet you! Now on to the fun stuff!

Questions you get asked and things you hear… When your birthday is on Leap Year…

Are you sure you don't have a birthday this year?

You're kidding!

Really? Is that even possible?

When do you celebrate?

I've never met anyone who was born on leap year before!

The list is longer but those are the ones that stick out 🙂

Meeting someone like me…

Over the years I myself have only ever met a handful of fellow leap year babies. The first time I met someone like me, I was hiking down to Phantom Ranch in the Grand Canyon. I was ten. My counterpart was forty. I don't remember exactly how we figured it out that we shared a birthday. I do remember the smile on his face at my excitement. I remember him saying that I was the first leap year baby he had met. I remember thinking that was pretty cool.

Getting my driver's permit…

My favorite story I like to tell about having this special day as a birthday is about when I went to get my driver's permit. The woman entering my information into the computer was absolutely convinced that my birth date would break the computer system. I explained that I couldn't possibly be the first leap year baby to drive and that the computer would not spontaneously combust no matter how worked up she got.

I can't remember what the resolution was… I think she may have gotten a manager and made them hit the enter key so she wasn't responsible for breaking the DMV system. It was a comic example of someone being afraid of something they didn't understand.

Responding to the incredulous and mystified…

So how have I answered those questions and responded to the innocent comments?

Q. Are you sure you don't have a birthday this year?

A. Yes, I'm quite sure. It really does only come every four years and I had a birthday last year 🙂

Q. You're kidding?!

A. Nope, mom definitely gave birth to me on Leap Day all those years ago.

Q. Really? Is that even possible?

A. Yes…

Q. When do you celebrate?

This answer has changed over the years. Growing up it was usually celebrated when it was convenient for my parents. Perhaps this is why I don't have a fierce attachment to celebrating holidays and birthdays on “the day”. When you grow up without a day to celebrate on, you have to be flexible.

My answer these days varies depending on whether I have a birthday that year. In 2017, there isn't a leap year and I will milk it for everything it's worth. If there is something I want to do, I will do it to “celebrate my birthday” regardless of what month it is. In 2016, leap year landed on a Saturday (omg!) and I did celebrate on the day with friends and family. If it had been on Tuesday… I would have celebrated on the weekend.

Q. I've never met anyone who was born on leap year before!

A. To which I always respond by holding out my hand and saying, “Nice to meet you!” No matter how long I've known the person that is my response. The subsequent smile is so much fun to see.

 Here's to celebrating every day and not waiting for the “right day”

How do you celebrate your birthday?

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