How do you celebrate birthdays – Legacy After Dark

how do you celebrate birthdays

This live was all about birthdays and the traditions we use to celebrate ourselves and the people we love. This episode is unedited because it has too many fun moments 🙂 How do you celebrate birthdays? Ah, birthdays, those fabulous days where humans of every shape, size, and background make their debut in the world.…

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How to write about cooking memories

how to write about cooking memories

You know that recipe that your mom or grandma gave you? Those recipes and cooking moments have cooking memories that go along with them. There was a story that she might have told you about it when she was handing it to you or as she was making it for you for the first time.…

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What to Do When Death Happens

What to do when death happens

Death is inevitable. Someone you know or love is going to die. It could be a friend who experiences loss. Or it could be something you experience personally. It’s not pretty or fun to think about. We don’t talk about it much because it’s hard and scary when death happens. We don’t know how to…

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7 Quirky ways to stay in touch with the people we love

seagulls and homing pigeons

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this month is here already! Did last month feel the same way for you? Like it just flew right on by? If it did, I bet there are a few people you missed out on connecting with or forgot to stay in touch with. This month I encourage you…

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