5 Minute Storytelling – Wanderlust & Travel

5 minute storytelling wanderlust

This 5-minute storytelling moment takes us to faraway places and warm memories. Reminisce with your residents’ wanderlust years and go with them to their most beloved place on Earth. This practice in storytelling will enhance their day and hopefully help other memories surface. For the full 5 Minute Storytelling Set and others like it, fill…

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Intergenerational Projects: How They Can Help Young & Old Participants

intergenerational storytelling

When we decide to work as a family and include all generations in intergenerational storytelling projects we give each generation the opportunity to learn, to share their experience, to share their perspective, and create a more fuller picture of what the experience and the family history is like. Each generation has an opportunity to share…

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1 Way to Restore Human Dignity with Engaged Conversations

Restoring human dignity is one of those things that can feel really heavy, as do many of the things I talk about. But in this particular instance, I’m going to frame it in a way that is quite uplifting and wonderful. We can restore human dignity through engaged conversations, otherwise known as storytelling. Storytelling is…

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