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Final Wish Inc: Important Resource For Families And End Of Life Planning

How does Final Wish help individuals and families with end of life planning?

“Final Wish is a secure website that stores the information you want shared at the time of your passing. Some key benefits include choosing what type of celebration or service you want if any? Who do you want to care for your pets? Decide how you want to be remembered on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and many other details through confidants of your choosing.”

Here a few things you can do with Final Wish

  • ASSIGN A CONFIDANT ~ Your confidant is a trusted person who will log in at the time of your passing to view and share your final wishes. You can assign up to five confidants.
  • CREATE A PERSONAL SLIDESHOW ~ Choose the photos and music you love to design a slideshow that can be used at your celebration or service.
  • FILL OUT A QUESTIONNAIRE. SAVE YOUR FINAL WISHES ~ You can change your wishes, edit your galleries and slideshow as often as you like. Final Wish will store them safely and securely, and upon your passing, your confidants can view and carry out your Final Wishes.
  • CREATE MEMORABLE PHOTO GALLERIES~ Create custom photo galleries of important life events. Like friends and family, weddings, groups, and teams you were a part of. Show people where you’ve traveled and photos of the people and events that are important to you.

Looking for more resources like this one? You can find a Twitter list of family resources here.

What was the inspiration for this much-needed platform?

As with all impactful human solutions, Final Wish came out of personal experience. It's founder, Andrew Smith, experienced some serious life-changing moments that made him realize he wasn't prepared to die; emotionally or in reality when it came to having his affairs in order. you can read more about his story here. From that experience, Smith worked to create an online platform for Canadians that would help them get their final wishes into a format their families could easily honor after their death.

Why does it matter?

This platform offers individuals the opportunity to, very specifically, detail their final wishes, right down to who should read them first. At this point it is not a replacement for legally binding will, but I have it on good authority that it is in future plans for the platform.

Final Wish offers the chance to provide a road map to our digital assets (social media etc.) and who will take care of “Fluffy” when we are gone. Wills are an important part of end of life planning, but they don't always provide the ability to check all the boxes we may need to check. This is where a platform like Final Wish becomes an important part of your end of life planning.

Using the Legacy Recorder with Final Wish

The prompts and fields provided by Final Wish do a wonderful job walking you through the process of documenting the pieces of your life you wish to share after death. Combining the Legacy Recorder with Final Wish will help you create a dynamic and compelling narrative of life's moments, big and small.

Have you looked into or started your end of life planning? Here's your personal invite if not.

Happy Planning,

Gael, the Legacy Lady

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