Legacy Stories & New Year Traditions

Telling stories about how things used to be, how people lived back then, how they faced hardship and joy. It may sound old-fashioned, but it has power that can’t be matched by any other means of communication. This blog post will teach you how to tell stories using the Legacy Storytelling method and how to…

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Start the Good Conversation: Share Your Second Chance Memory

Second chance memory

Most people have had second chances in their lifetime. They are the stories we tell ourselves and others about how one event changed our lives forever. In this blog post, I am going to show you how you can share your second chance memory and help other people start their second chance stories. The Weekly…

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The Power of Sharing a Social Justice and Injustice Memory

Social Justice and Injustice

What do you know about Social Justice and Injustice? Social Justice is a movement that strives for equality within the law, politics, economics, and society. Social Injustice is a term used to describe social inequality which occurs when one person or group of people are denied their basic human rights while another has more opportunities.…

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How to Write About Favorite Winter Tradition or Activity

Do you have a special winter tradition? Or are you one of those who every year a new winter tradition or activity to enjoy during the season? It could be skiing or snowboarding. It could even be simply reading books by the fire with hot cocoa in hand. However, you spend your winter days, the…

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