Social Justice and Injustice

The Power of Sharing a Social Justice and Injustice Memory

What do you know about Social Justice and Injustice? Social Justice is a movement that strives for equality within the law, politics, economics, and society. Social Injustice is a term used to describe social inequality which occurs when one person or group of people are denied their basic human rights while another has more opportunities.

In this blog post, we will be discussing how sharing Social Justice and Injustice memories can help others start telling their own stories!

Why talk about social justice and social injustice? 

Not talking about social justice and social injustice leads to people believing there is no longer a problem. Social justice is about creating equity for marginalized people through activism and advocacy. Social injustice is the unequal distribution of power, privilege, or both within society. Talking about both and engaging in hard conversations can help keep these issues top of mind. This article provides resources to help you do that. You can help create change by sharing the stories or by teaching your small humans about it!

Writing Prompts

Our history is our legacy. It doesn't matter if we were there or not, because the learned behaviors of our ancestors come from their life experiences, and those things won’t change over time unless people keep changing them for themselves!

Here are some questions to discuss and will help you start digging into these moments and memories:

  • Have you ever experienced or witnessed social justice or social injustice? Which? What happened?
  • Who else was there?
  • How did the experience make you feel?
  • Was anyone there that could have helped? Did they?
  • Looking back would you have done something differently? What?
  • How do you feel about it now?

As a family, what do you think about sharing Social Justice and/or Social Injustice memories now and in the future? How will we make sure our children know their history and how injustices are still impacting them or not impacting them?

Sharing memories

Someone needs to hear your Social Justice or Social Injustice memory! What's something that has stuck with you since the moment it happened, whether good or bad? You can also teach others how they can tell their Social Justice and Social Injustice stories.

These prompts can be the start of a conversation that can help you or help someone else tell their story. You can also find more information on how to write about Social Justice and Social injustice in my blog post “Racism, Storytelling, Listening & Engaging”.

That is a little about our weekly writing prompt and some things you can think about. Take some time to check this is a guideline. You can use any other prompt you'd like. If you have the printed pages or printed journals, feel free to write whatever you'd like in them and cross things out.

Week 39 of 52 Weeks of Storytelling Social Justice & Injustice

What’s Next

The stories we share with each other, and the memories that come out of those conversations are a powerful way to make change. They can help us learn from others’ experiences and be more aware of our own lives. We hope you will take this opportunity to not only tell your story but also listen to someone else's as well! Tell your friends about 52 Weeks of Storytelling, and don't forget: Share your story!