Share Something That Scared You And How You Overcame It

Sometimes it’s easier to remember what you were afraid of when you were 5 than it is to recall your favorite memory from that same year. Something about the way we process and tell stories makes fear and heartbreak stick in our mind. Sharing something that scared you and how you overcame it can be cathartic and helpful for someone else.

Do you have a story that scares you? Whatever the case may be, writing about what happened can help us to process our feelings and emotions. This article will walk you through how to share a story about something that scared you, but you overcame it. 

Why share something that scared you, but you overcame it?

Why share something that scared you, but you overcame it? Because by sharing what we've been through with others, we can help them feel less alone. And that's a beautiful thing. 

Do you remember the first time someone shared a personal experience with you? It was probably pretty impactful and may have made an impression on you for years to come. We all have similar experiences in our lives—we just don't always talk about them out loud! Sharing things that scare us is so important because it helps others feel less alone, and they may even be able to learn from what happened to us.

The Weekly Prompt

So, today’s challenge is to tell a story about something scary. Something that made your heart race and mind spin. Something that shook up your life–and how you overcame it. How did things turn out? Did the sun come out again, or was there more rain on the horizon?

And how does sharing something scary, with the hope of overcoming it make your life better today? How does having a written record and physical artifact (your story!) change things for you and those around you? Someone in your life needs to hear this story. Take the time to think about it and write it down. Remember these are also great conversation starters to begin a storytelling moment with someone else.

Prompts to get you started

  • When was the last time you were afraid? 
  • Who was with you?
  • What happened?
  • What did you do?
  • When did this moment happen?
  • Did you overcome your fear(s)?
  • Where did this moment happen?
  • How did you feel after overcoming your fear(s)?

These simple questions will light the way for you to start having deeper conversations with your loved ones or get to know a little more about the history of someone you love. In this post,  “Something that scared you, but you were able to overcome” you will find more prompts. That's another free resource that you can find on the website. 

Week 47 of 52 Weeks of Storytelling – Something that scared you, but you overcame it

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Legacy Storytelling is a great way of giving the future generations in your family something to cherish. Legacy Storytelling can be an invaluable part of any caregiver’s life, whether they are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or another chronic condition.  Legacy Stories give you and your loved ones a place to share memories, express emotions, and bond over past experiences through storytelling.  

A collaboration between the patient's mind and their caregivers' minds can help create these stories together so that both parties have something beautiful to look back on in times of struggle.  If you are interested in Legacy Stories or want more information about how this process works, watch the video above!

What’s Next

We like to think of telling our stories as a way to pass on the torch because we know that these memories will be passed down for generations. Help your loved ones tell their story over 52 Weeks by sharing this exercise with them. You can also invite them over and give them 5 minutes every week with an easy prompt. It can help make storytelling easier, more regular, and less intimidating. Happy Writing!