Legacy Chat – Something that scared you, but you were able to overcome

What are you afraid of?

Legacy Chat is a weekly chat dedicated to helping you write your personal story in a simple & engaging way.


Q1. Is there something you were afraid that you were able to overcome?
Q2. What were you afraid of?
Q3. What made you decide to overcome it? Was it voluntary?
Q4. Who was with you when you overcame this fear?
Q5. What happened in the moment when you overcame this fear?
Q6. When did this moment happen?
Q7. Where did this moment happen?
Q8. Why did this moment happen? #fear
Q9. Why is this moment important to you? #fear
Q10. How does this moment make you feel? #fear
Q11. What do you want people to remember about this moment? #fear

Feel free to answer the questions and post your answers on Twitter using #legacychat, post them in the comments, or just keep them to yourself ?

#legacychat is on Facebook too. Join here to jump in.

Looking for a hands-on experience to really get your story going? I created this just for you.

Not ready to commit just yet, but kind of curious about writing your story? This is for you.

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