How to Spark Memories with Camping Stories

Memories are a tricky thing to write about. Everyone has different memories and yet, we all remember them in our own way. Memories can be powerful things – they can make us laugh, cry or feel nostalgic for the past, like camping stories. Share stories with other people so that they might get some of the same feelings as you did when your memory happened. Read this article to get ideas on how to share a camping memory.

How to Start Telling Your Camping Stories

How do you start telling your story? This is not always easy! It's great that 52 Weeks of Storytelling exists because this gives everyone an opportunity to practice their storytelling skills by writing just one story each week for 52 weeks straight!

I'm excited to share one of my favorite memories from camping with you. I hope that this story inspires you to keep the tradition alive or take your first camping trip with your kids this summer. There's something about being in nature and sleeping outside under the stars that is so therapeutic and life-changing. It can also be a great way for families to spend time together without all of their screens!  

Check out the video to write about your favorite camping memory or help someone tell their story. You can check all the details of the 52 Weeks of Storytelling Series here. Legacy Storytelling can help strengthen family bonds while giving future generations something they will cherish forever! Legacy storytelling can be a way to give your family future generations something they will cherish and enjoy for years to come. 

Week 27 of 52 Weeks of Storytelling – Camping Stories

Intro To the Weekly Prompt: Camping/Outdoor Memory

This week's prompt is Camping/Outdoor Memory. I'm not sure what type of memories will come to mind for you, but maybe it'll be a time when your family went on a camping trip and had an adventure together or the first time you ever experienced being in nature. 

If you haven't ever been camping before, think about an outdoor moment that you had, whether it was at a park or a beach, or a forest or wherever you happen to be. Think of an outdoor time. 

If you have been camping before, that's what I'm going to particularly focus on. When you're writing about camping, think about

  • Who was with you? 
  • What happened when you were there? 
  • Where were you? 
  • When did it happen? 
  • Was it a seasonal thing? 
  • Was it something that always happens? 

Remember that you can include ongoing details and memories. If you always go camping around a certain time period, you can talk about that memory. Those memories have their own timelines and individual story points. 

For the digging deeper questions:

  • How do you feel when you go camping?
  • How do you feel when you're in the outdoors?
  • How does it feel when you're sharing these moments with other people?  
  • What is the impact? Is there an impact?
  • Did something change in your life because of the camping moment? 

A few years ago, I shared some prompts on how to write about your favorite camping memory. That's another free resource that you can find on the website. That is a little about our weekly writing prompt and some things you can think about. Take some time to check this is a guideline. You can use any other prompt you'd like. If you have the printed pages or printed journals, feel free to write whatever you'd like in them and cross things out.

What’s Next

This week, we are talking about memories from camping. You may have had a pivotal moment or even on an outdoor adventure that you want to remember for years and years. The best thing is, these memories will stay in the forefront of your mind as long as you make time to reflect on them often. I hope this has made you think more about how important it is to enjoy life’s moments-especially those where nature surrounds us! Ready for more storytelling tools? Check out 5 Minute Storytelling here. Happy Writing!