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9 Ways to Write About Your Favorite Camping Memory

Camping means something different to everyone. I share some of my story in the episode below as well as some guidance on how to start a storytelling conversation about camping. You will find a visual aide and written prompts on this page. Writing down your camping experiences is a great way to get inspired to get outside and get moving. When you are working with someone else, don't forget to share your story too!

Why You Need to Share Your Story 5 Minute Storytelling – A Legacy Recorder Podcast

Visual Prompt Aide

Text prompts for favorite camping memory from the image

Q1. Have you ever been #camping? #legacychat
Q2. Do you have a favorite #camping #memory? #legacychat
Q3. Who was with you when this #memory was made? #camping #legacychat
Q4. What happened in this memory? #camping #legacychat
Q5. When was this memory made? #camping #legacychat
Q6. Where was this memory made? #legacychat #camping
 Q7. Why did this memory happen? What led up to it? #camping #legacychat
 Q8. How do you feel about this #memory now? How did it #impact your life? #camping #legacychat
 Q9. What do you want people to remember about this #memory? #camping #legacychat

Feel free to leave your answers to the questions in the comments or keep them to yourself 🙂

Looking for a hands-on experience to really get your story going? I created this just for you.

Not ready to commit just yet, but kind of curious about writing your story? This is for you.

A Note from the Legacy Lady

Camping, for me, is quite simply my happy place. Growing up, we were camping, backpacking, hiking, and spending as much time as we could outside. Lucky for us we lived in Phoenix, AZ so we could be outside most of the year.

Now as an adult in Western PA, I've had to adjust my expectations on how many days we can spend outside in a year. Camping and taking our kids outside is still a major priority and I am thankful my husband and I agree wholeheartedly on that point.

Picking a favorite camping trip is nearly impossible. I'm going the sappy route and saying the trip I met my husband on when we were teenagers. That trip was pretty memorable.

-Gael, the Legacy Lady

canoe trip

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