How to use writing prompts & story prompts with your storytellers

Using Prompts as a Story Facilitator

This article explores the power of storytelling and how it can be used to share a legacy. Storytelling is a powerful way to connect generations, share experiences, and bring history to life. Through the use of stories, we can explore the past, learn lessons, and uncover the truths that often remain hidden. By utilizing the…

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What to Use to Record Their Stories ~ Writing with Quill Pens

"writing with a quill pen" and Gael's face what to use to record their stories

What to Use to Record Their Stories Knowing what to use to record a person’s story, while not the most obvious, is definitely something you need to know and think about. Deciding which tools you are going to use is dependent on the storyteller’s ability and what you actually have access too. This video and…

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How to Start Your Creative Writing Practice

creative writing practice

Creative writing is a great way to express yourself and to work through your thoughts and feelings. It can also be a lot of fun! If you want to start a creative writing practice, here are some tips to help you get started. Choose a time of day that works best for you and make…

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How to Explore Emotions Using Storytelling

explore emotions

In our busy lives, we often focus on the tangible aspects of a person’s life, such as their achievements or work-related experiences. However, we may unintentionally overlook the significance of asking individuals about their emotions and taking the time to explore emotions at a deeper level. At The Legacy Recorder, we believe that understanding and…

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