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March 30th #LegacyChat – A little creative writing to get your juices flowing

We are changing it up and doing some creative writing prompts on #LegacyChat…

Weekly chat dedicated to helping you write your personal story in a simple & engaging way

This week’s questions…

Q1 You are walking down a hallway approaching a door that is slightly ajar. you hear lots of voices and slowly push open the door then everyone falls silent. Who is in the room?
Q2 What were they talking about before you opened the door? Could you make out what they were saying?
Q3 Where are you? Where is the room?
Q4 What year and what time of year is it?
Q5 Why were you walking to the room? What were you hoping would happen?
Q6 How did it make you feel when they all fell silent as soon as you entered?
Q7 What happened after they saw you and were silent?
Q8 How did that make you feel?
Q9 What was the atmosphere in the room like?
Q10 What happens next?
Q11 What do you want people to remember about this story?

Feel free to answer the questions and post your answers on twitter using #legacychat, post them in the comments, or just keep them to yourself!

You can join the Facebook Group now too. Join here to jump in.

Looking for a hands-on experience to really get your story going? I created this just for you.

Not ready to commit just yet, but kind of curious about writing your story? This is for you.

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