Using Caricature to Remember a Loved One

How to Use caricature to remember a loved one

Every now and again I get smacked in the head with a really good idea. Wow that was really visual and slightly violent, but that is precisely what happened just a little under a month ago when I was sitting in a conference in Lima, OH, Social Media Week Lima 2019. I realized I could…

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What to Do When Death Happens

What to do when death happens

Death is inevitable. Someone you know or love is going to die. It could be a friend who experiences loss. Or it could be something you experience personally. It’s not pretty or fun to think about. We don’t talk about it much because it’s hard and scary when death happens. We don’t know how to…

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goodgrief app – a resource for loss and grief

goodgrief app screenshots

Sometime in 2017, I happened across a little startup called the goodgrief app. It came across my twitter feed and I immediately clicked through to see who else was talking about grief out in the open and in the light. After combing through their social media accounts and reviewing the website, I took the plunge…

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What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone

Do you want to be there for a loved one, but don’t know how? Here are some techniques to help you ‘hold space’ for people in need. Source: What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone The article linked above is a wonderful explanation of how the author came to her conclusions about grief,…

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Documenting Your Grief Awareness Story

It was recently National Grief Awareness Day, and that got me thinking. Being more aware of my grief and working with it instead of ignoring it has changed my life. By creating the Legacy Recorder, I have been able to process my grief, work with, and find ways to acknowledge it by viewing my world…

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