How to keep it simple

keep it simple with rock cairn and sand

In today’s post I want to encourage you to keep it simple. This post will highlight the reasons why I believe keeping things simple is the easiest way to reach success. When you go on The Legacy Recorder website, or you’re in the members area, or wherever you are in the Legacy World, simplicity is…

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How to build rapport with your storytellers

How to build rapport

Jumping into conversations with complete strangers can be nerve-racking, hard, and just downright scary. I’m not going to tell you that this work of working with others to tell their stories is always easy. What I am going to do is offer suggestions, advice, and my own experiences to help you along the way. In…

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5 Reasons to let go of your expectations

5 reasons to let go of your expectations

Hey there, we need to talk. No, you’re not in trouble, but we do need to chat about something a little sticky. I want to talk to you about expectations, and why letting them go is totally in your best interest, especially when it comes to working with other people. When we get tied up…

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