5 Ways to Select Photos to Include in Memorial Videos

5 Ways to Select Photos to Include in Memorial Videos

As we're discovering more and more in life, it's the special moments that matter most. With so much time being spent apart from our loved ones due to current events, it can be difficult for many of us to honor and celebrate their memory in a meaningful way It can be overwhelming when we need to decide which photos to include in memorial videos. As caregivers, volunteers, families, or funeral staff members seeking ways to create lasting memories for strong legacies and meaningful stories about those who are no longer with us – remember that photos often play an important role. 

Including pictures of someone’s life story through video memorials is a powerful tool – one that has the power not only to help keep our cherished memories alive but also enable others to understand just how vibrant and full someone’s life was despite its finite nature. If you're looking for ways on how best you can select photos to include during this challenging but rewarding process ahead — read on or watch the video below!

Selecting Photos to Include in Memorial Videos

If you have ever put together a memorial video or if you know a video for someone, you know that selecting photos can be stressful, and can be something that does take up a lot of time. But there are a few ways we can shorten that process and make things just a little bit easier to help us decide how to choose photos.

1. Select photos to include in memorial videos that capture the personality of your loved one

Capturing a person's essence can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be daunting. This is your chance to celebrate the unique personality of someone you love! These could be some of their favorite things. You can use the Legacy Recorder prompts to brainstorm some of the “favorites” or moments to include. Examples would be photos from their favorite season, color, food, a place to travel, or sport – photos that truly symbolize who they were.

2. Choose photos that are meaningful to you and your family

Another way is choosing photos that are meaningful to you and your family. Celebrate the life of your beloved by selecting meaningful photos that hold significance for you and any loved ones. Include images and moments you know your family cares about, or that you care about. If you're doing this as a professional or as a friend, make sure you get the families input and that those things are included.

3. Select photos to include in memorial videos that show your loved one's passions in life

This goes back to thinking about their favorite things, but going even a little bit further. Think about this from a passion perspective. What lit them up? Are there pictures of them let up doing those things, was it skiing? Was it doing community service? Action shots and pictures of your loved one’s face are great photos to include in memorial videos.

4. Use a mix of old and new photos to create a timeline of your loved one's life

You can use a mix of old and new photos to create a timeline of your loved one. Timelines are a fun way to experience a person's life that can take quite a bit longer and from an organizational standpoint is a little more complicated. But mixing in old and new photos is a fun way to do a throwback-type feel. Choosing photos to include in memorial videos is a great opportunity to start storytelling conversations with the people who loved them.

5. Ask friends and family for help in selecting the best photos

The final way I want to share with you is by asking friends and family to help for selecting the best photos. Make sure to get input from someone else if you are finding that you are unable to move forward or complete the project. For example, if you are in a situation where you need to pick five more photos but you have to choose from 20, get some help and ask people to put in a vote for their favorite or the one that's most meaningful for them. Additionally, utilizing a group approach to choose photos to include in memorial videos is a good way make it a little easier on the person curating the video.

Creating the Memorial Video

Selecting the photos for your memorial video can be a challenging and emotional task. We hope this blog post gave you some guidance in making that all-important decision. Photos are an integral part of telling the story of your loved one and capturing the spirit of their life.

The photos you include should reflect the personality, passions, or meaningful moments with family and friends. Taking time to make sure each photo has a deeper meaning—whether it’s old or new—will make your memorial video even more special when you share it with the world.

Don’t forget to ask your family or friends for help if you need it; they might have wonderful ideas or memories to contribute to the final product. And if you're feeling overwhelmed, remember we're here if you need support.