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I had the wonderful opportunity in October to be interviewed about Legacy by the Freebird Project.

The interview captures exactly what I am aiming to do. We explored the idea of “Simple Storytelling to Healing” and what that might look like for domestic abuse survivors. I firmly believe that having the tools and support to write about what has happened to you, will help you heal in time. The physical act of putting pen to paper represents a purge of sorts and allows your mind to let go of the hurt, pain, guilt, or shame you might be feeling.

No one ever has to read your writing. You are writing for yourself.

I also was able to articulate how I think Legacy can impact others and what the world could look like if we begin to have conversations across every generation.

You can check out the interview here.

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  1. I love seeing how much has stayed the same and how much has changed since I first started creating Legacy.

    -Gael, The Legacy Lady

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