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How to Write Mom’s Story – 3 Steps to Get Started

Episode 3: Creating a Loved One's Story – 3 Steps to Get Started #LegacyAfterDark

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Show Notes

Topic: Creating a Loved One's Story

  1. Ask Them! – Explain why you want to do this with them
  2. Make the Time ūüôā – How much time am I talking about and how to fit it in
  3. Your First Session – what to expect and what to do

Link to the Work with Someone You Love Course https://www.thelegacyrecorder.com/telltheirstory

You can learn more about how to tell their story here. This article covers how to work with someone who is experiencing memory loss. Let me know if you have any questions!

Legacy Hunt

Kid Scavenger Hunt imageLooking for a way to get your kids talking with grandma and other family members? This is a fun, easy to do activity to help your kids start conversations with family members and learn more about the people they love. Check out more about it here.

Happy writing!
-Gael, The Legacy Lady

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