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The First Legacy Recording

Remembering a Husband, Father, & Friend

The first legacy recording came out of a woman's desire to share her husband's writing, who had passed away. When I met her, her husband had recently passed away leaving behind his wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. His memory is and was ever-present for each of them. As a Christmas gift, she wanted to give his descendants something to remember him. Not just a photo or a small memento, but something that would bring them joy and help them on their journey through life.

When she came to me with this particular idea, I was excited but also cautious. Her husband was a prolific writer and had dozens of journals he had filled up over their 50+ years of marriage. We had been talking about trying to preserve his journals somehow, but I was planning to just type them into the computer so she would have a digital file.

Shortly after he passed away she happened across a journal that had only one entry. A beautiful record of his thoughts and feelings about what wanted to do in life, in his relationships and in his marriage. A deeply personal pledge to better himself and thereby leading others to do the same.

Reading this entry the first time brought me nearly to my knees. Since then I have read it at least a hundred times. What a poignant man, a man I never had the honor to meet but would have the opportunity to record his most sincere thoughts and wishes.

The mountain of my self-doubt keeping me from helping her realize her dream for her family appeared to be insurmountable. Having the passion and ability to execute such a personal endeavor was never in question, but you always wonder, “Will it be enough? Will I be enough?”

Then I realized that I was already enough, that what he had written was enough and I had only to interpret and record the things that mattered most. Creating a road map of sorts that could be followed with love and laughter on this journey we are all walking. My sincerest hope is that his family will have this for years and generations to come. Remembering a man that left his mark on me and everyone he met.

The first legacy recording

Today this recording is being circulated throughout the US East Coast, the Midwest and is inching its way westward. You may find it tucked into a bible, in a frame on someone's wall or in an email chain from a friend. I know that his words will never be forgotten because the love of his life dared to share their story.

Now I ask you, “What is your story? What are the things you shouldn't leave unsaid?”

Whether you are already writing or you have yet to start the practice, your story is worth telling. I want to hear it. Your loved ones want to read it and know you. Why wait till the words can no longer come? Record them today so they can be remembered tomorrow. Your journey starts here with the Legacy Recorder.

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