12 Months of Activities: How to Complete Your Activity Planning

activity planning

Do you have an activity plan for the next month or the next 12 months? What would it feel like to have your activity planning figured out for the next 12 months? The Legacy Storytelling Method takes the guesswork out of creating meaning within your activities. Simple storytelling moments can be woven into games and…

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How to Plan Activities for the Next 12 Months

how to plan activities for the next 12 months

Planning activities is hard enough under normal circumstances. But when you factor in all the upheaval and unknowns of the past year, it can feel downright impossible. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to walk you through the process of how to plan activities for the next 12 months. We know it’s not…

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How to Get Your 12 Months Activity Planning Done

Activity Planning

Planning activities in the best of times is hard. Planning activities and the midst of so much upheaval and unknowns regarding staffing is atrocious. This article will attempt to help you work through planning your activities for the next 12 months or so. We can’t guarantee that you’ll have everything figured out by the end,…

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How to embrace joy in your End of Life Celebration

legacy lady live with Christina Andreola on end of life

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Christina Andreola of New Narrative Memorials. Christina is an event planner for memorials, celebrations of Life, funerals and any other event that commemorates an end-of-life event. She is driven and passionate about creating experiences for families and loved ones of those who have passed away. She works…

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