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12 Months of Activities: How to Complete Your Activity Planning

Do you have an activity plan for the next month or the next 12 months? What would it feel like to have your activity planning figured out for the next 12 months? The Legacy Storytelling Method takes the guesswork out of creating meaning within your activities. Simple storytelling moments can be woven into games and crafts without too much effort on your or your staff's part. Using the pre-planned 12-month Activity Program from the Legacy Recorder offers a great way to have a solid plan.

Making Activity Planning Easy

Making activity planning easier should always be a goal of any activity director, and the Legacy Recorder's 12-month Activity Program is an excellent resource for creating a comprehensive plan that meets the needs of your participants. It's important to consider who will be available each week, what skills and abilities your participants possess that could be utilized, and any limitations you may have due to your facility or other external factors.

When this information is taken into account, it's much easier to craft activities that are engaging without burning out you or your staff. Investing in activity planning tools like the Legacy Recorder’s program can save time in the long run and help you offer experiences tailored just for your participant group.

Things to have in mind before you get started

  • An idea of who is available on a weekly basis
  • Knowing the skills and abilities of your participants
  • Understanding the limitations of your facility or specific situation

Keeping the above three things in mind will help you develop and plan programs and activities that can be adapted on the fly and won't break the energy bank of you or your staff.

Steps for Successful Activity Planning

Here are some specific steps you can follow to plan a successful program. These steps are how the 12-month activities package is thought through and laid out. Each step has some nuances to it that will need to be flushed out and thought through for your specific situation.

  • Starting with the end in mind
    • think about what you want your residents to experience this year and how you want your staff to feel when they are executing and hosting the program
  • Identify why you are including storytelling in your planning and activities
  • Who:
    • What are their abilities
    • Who is available in their life
    • What they are interested
  • Where & With Whom
    • Where in your facility and in what venue
      • Where can you go
      • How many people can you include
    • With Whom:
      • Knowing staff availability
      • And what they are excited about
  • What & How
    • What:
      • Actual activity based on identified parameters and limitations
      • Take into consideration the specific situation and storyteller needs
    • How:
      • How we layer in storytelling. This depends on group dynamics and interests.

Why 12-month Activity Planning

Long-term activity planning is essential for any care facility. It ensures that residents are regularly engaged in experiences that bring joy, stimulation, and overall well-being. When activity plans are made over the course of 12 months, it gives valuable time to thoroughly consider the unique needs of each individual living in the care facility, while still engaging everyone in a variety of experiences and activities. 

Additionally, when activity planning is done for a longer period of time it allows staff to plan more effectively and efficiently since they know what activities will be taking place in advance and can better prepare themselves accordingly. Ultimately, 12-month activity planning helps ensure that everyone living in care facilities is receiving the best possible care and enjoys quality and meaningful social engagement with their peers.

Things to Remember

There isn't one right way to plan activities. Keeping your staff and residents' needs front of mind will help keep things on track. You can go by calendar month and seasonal activities or let the interests/skills of your staff/residents guide your planning.

In this article we covered, how to start successfully planning the next 12 months of activities and what can give you a jumpstart to hosting the activities instead of spending hours planning. Ready to get started on your 12 month plan? Purchase the Activities Package here.