Celebrating International Women’s Day

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As we recently celebrated International Women’s Day, a quick google search will show you that many women responsible for breaking glass ceilings died this past year. Their legacies, though, will continue on as women continue to guide us towards a better future. The women in our local communities are just as impactful as the ones…

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Women You Should Know

Women you should know

I’m not going to give you a lecture on how women have been absent in the history books and how under-represented we are when it comes to being recognized for our achievements. But I do want to take the space on this page to highlight a few women I think you should know. I’ve taken…

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How to DIY a unique gift for less than the cost of flowers

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I hope this year has been full of wonderful memories and the beginnings of new stories. If you are reading this, I need you to know that this is your invitation to start a conversation with a woman in your life. If it doesn’t work for you right now, this will be available all year…

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