Capturing the story of a lifetime, one page at a time

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  • The Mission

    The Legacy Recorder was created to give people the opportunity to write down their stories. Using simple storytelling methods, families can work together to capture their stories. Regardless of age, everyone has something to contribute. I believe that by working together, families will change the conversations within their own lives and go on to impact how other families interact.

    The snowball effect of change will be initiated and fueled by a desire to learn from one another in an intimate and engaging way.

    Our job, as family members and facilitators, is to help participants take basic items from their lives (photos, recipes, or memories) and write personal narratives inspired by those items. Using this simple method, the storyteller has a tangible item or thought to outline the story, which makes the writing process infinitely easier.

    With the direction and guidance of the Legacy process, each storyteller is inspired and feels confident in their ability to write a meaningful story or a book about themselves.

Ready to write your story or help someone you love write their story?

You want to write your personal story or help someone you love, write their personal story.

You want to give your residents the opportunity to write their personal story, create an engaging community, and make lifelong connections.

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