Swedish Death Cleaning: Embracing Life by Preparing for the End

picture of flowers representing the concept of swedish death cleaning

In our journey through life, we accumulate not just experiences and memories, but also a multitude of physical items. Swedish Death Cleaning, a concept that has gained international attention, offers a unique approach to decluttering that goes beyond the material. This article explores the essence of Swedish Death Cleaning, its numerous benefits, practical steps to…

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Death Deck Video Series: An Invitation to Talk About End-of-Life

The Death Deck Video Series: An Invitation to Talk About End-of-Life

It’s a hard fact to face, but every one of us is going to die. Yet, despite the inevitability of death, we often avoid talking openly and honestly about end-of-life issues. That’s where the Death Deck can help. This video series utilizes the Death Deck to spark conversations online and hopefully inspire viewers to grab…

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4 Resources for When Death Happens

when death happens [image: funeral flowers on coffin with candles in the background]

Last month was one of those emotional roller coasters that included the death of a loved one and all of the things that come with that. No one could have predicted the circumstances we are in this year. One thing remains the same, when death happens, families come together, one way or another. If you…

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When project management, storytelling, and death collide

project management - rack of hard hats

Have you ever worked on a group project? How did it go? From my experience, I bet that sometimes it was ok if you got really lucky, but usually, it was a hot mess. To get lucky, you needed the right people in the right roles (for them and the group) and clear expectations. Project management…

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How to honor death & grief

honor death - candles in the dark representing death

This weekend is one of the hardest ones out of the year for me. Mostly because Saturday is the date of my Dad’s death. He actually died on Tuesday. Dates and days are funny things when they come up so many years later. Our bodies remember the days rather than the dates, at least that…

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