How to Keep People Engaged Right Now

how to keep people engaged right now

I had a really cool plan for the month but along with everything else, it had to change. I’m sure you can relate. While everyone works to adapt to a different normal and a new approach to staying engaged and being connected, there will inevitably be things that fall through the cracks. The stuff we…

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

nasa spaceship launch

As we recently celebrated International Women’s Day, a quick google search will show you that many women responsible for breaking glass ceilings died this past year. Their legacies, though, will continue on as women continue to guide us towards a better future. The women in our local communities are just as impactful as the ones…

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How to honor death & grief

honor death - candles in the dark representing death

This weekend is one of the hardest ones out of the year for me. Mostly because Saturday is the date of my Dad’s death. He actually died on Tuesday. Dates and days are funny things when they come up so many years later. Our bodies remember the days rather than the dates, at least that…

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Who is Dr. Seuss?

Who is Dr Seuss

BIG B, little b, what begins with B?  A blog post about Dr. Seuss, as you can plainly see!  Theodor Seuss Geisel, more commonly known by his pen name Dr. Seuss, was born on March 2, 1904. In 1997, a national Read Across America Day was created. What better day to celebrate than on Dr.…

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