how to keep people engaged right now

How to Keep People Engaged Right Now

I had a really cool plan for the month but along with everything else, it had to change. I'm sure you can relate. While everyone works to adapt to a different normal and a new approach to staying engaged and being connected, there will inevitably be things that fall through the cracks. The stuff we don't think about every day or the things that we already had planned and in place won't become an issue until it does. When this happens, take a moment to breathe and remember that everyone is adapting with you. 

There are no life hacks to any of this. My approach to keeping people engaged has always been to show up as best I can and be ready and willing to listen. Being available to listen to someone's story is a powerful way to connect with one another and engage.

The conversation itself can happen in a variety of ways. Listen to the audio clip below for a few tools to help you do this online.

7 Days of Storytelling

Over the past week, I've had a few people reach out to me looking for activities to fill in the gaps they now have on their calendar. If this is something you are dealing with, I went through everything I have and dialed in a quick pop up activity that might help you fill in your gaps too.

There is a free download right now for a 7 Day pop up activity plan to fill in your gaps. It takes the core idea of Legacy and brings the 5-minute storytelling into a longer format. 

7 Days of Storytelling Activities

Again, this is totally free with no commitments. Inside you will find

  • Printable download with everything you need to get going today
  • Where to go next (once those 7 Days are up)

If you have been looking at the 5 Minute Storytelling graphics or have the PDF download, you will recognize a few things. I've organized the download so it flows like a packet you can print and run with.

I sincerely hope you can jump in and grab this to use asap. Let me know if you have any questions!

Stay safe and well. Know you are not alone and you have support in the Legacy community. PM me using the messenger bubble or jump in the Facebook group with anything you need help with.

Resources to stay engaged

Legacy Articles


Golden Carers is a family-owned business operating since 2007 and based in Brisbane, Australia.
It is an interactive website for Diversional Therapists, Recreation Therapists and other caregivers of the elderly, including volunteers. The website provides 1000s of activity ideas, forms & templates, documentation samples and many more support materials.

Golden Carers members come from all over the world from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. If two heads are better than one, imagine what a whole community can achieve.

Goodgrief app – For individuals

The Goodgrief App is the social network for loss. Finally, there’s a network where grieving people can privately connect, chat, and support each other in finding a new normal. It’s available on iOS, Android and the web.