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9 Ways to Write About Your Favorite Fireworks Memory

Ooo! Ahhh! Fireworks are one of those universal things that need no translation. From independence celebrations, to sporting events and everything in between, we use fireworks to wow, entertain, and even tell stories. The shows that include a story line or are timed to music are my favorites. The prompts below will help you record a story about a favorite firework memory.

Text prompts for fireworks memory from image

Q1. Have you ever used #fireworks or seen #fireworks?
Q2. Do you have a favorite #memory about #fireworks?
Q3. Who was with you when this #memory was made?
Q4. What happened in this memory?
Q5. When was this memory made?
Q6. Where was this memory made?
Q7. Why did this memory happen? What led up to it?
Q8. How do you feel about this #memory now? How did it #impact your life?
Q9. What do you want people to remember about this #memory?

Feel free to leave your answers to the questions in the comments or keep them to yourself 🙂

Looking for a hands-on experience to really get your story going? I created this just for you.

Not ready to commit just yet, but kind of curious about writing your story? This is for you.


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